All around  visibility, pressurized cab, monitoring system, smooth control,adjustable steering control.Ergonomically designed instruments and control, fuel efficient engines,4-forward / 3-reverse  speed   full   powershift ,   hydraulic modulaiton ,  heavy duty  axle,  frame  and  z-bar  loader linkage.  

  Provides   superior   performance  working  harder  and faster   in    a   variety   of  job  conditions .  Features  a  comfortable   operator    environment    with   advanced ergonomics.Optimum design and   quality manufacturing delivers    maximum    productivity  and  reliability  while affording simple operation and complete comfort.

High    efficiency    engine,  easy   maintenance, safe  and durable .  The   latest   large  capacity   hydraulic  system   reacts   quickly   during   operation  .   Mast   with    fast-lifting/lowering  speed and easier  forward/reverse  titling improves operator's control and safety.  A  design based on  human  engineering   relieves  operator's   fatigue and increases efficiency.  


Self   leveling   control  system,  travel  lever and  pedal,    gauges & monitor,boom locking system, reliability safety devices,  quick  attachment system, tilting  cabin for easy access,  quick  engine  access,  easy  access  for regular service.  Reliable  and  durable linkage of loader control pedals  and  travel  levers  for  easy  operation  and less maintenance.