Low  maintenance  with optimal accessibility, unobstructed access  to all  areas of the compressors, maintenance -free toothed  belt   drive,  easily   accessible   oil  fine seperator cartridges  and  filter  elements  reduce  stoppage time and operation costs, profiled seals,corrosion protected internal components and high quality powder coating.

Compressed air  reduced to essentials. Accomodated in a sturdy  tubular frame with an operating weight of only 162 kg.  Excellently  suited  for  rough  building  site   use.  Oil temprature controller guarantees constant final temprature, thereby     preventing     the    formation    of   condensate, proportionate    controls    ensure   compressors   operate uniformly without great pressure fluctuations.  

The  well  balanced  piston  diameter, piston stroke, piston mass   and   striking  rate  guarantee  a  high  performance. hammers  are  manufactured  according  to  severe quality features.  With  all  chipping  hammers, pick hammers and concrete   breakers ,   IRMER+ELZE   keeps   under  the admissible sound level according to directive 84/537/CEE.