New Holland is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of agricultural tractors. It enjoys a full product range from  low to high horsepower and options.The Series 66S is a midpower range  of   tractors   for   those   farmers  who   do  not require sophisticated   machines ,  but   are looking for  sturdiness and  dependability. These  tractors  are  available   in   either 2 or  4 wheel drive and  with  a lightweight cab, with  R.O.P.S. or less cab.


New Holland   offers    a   variety   of   Balers   to   meet all customer   requirements .  It  has  designed  features  of  the highest  quality  such  as ,  curved tines,  close tine spacing , pneumatic gauge  wheels     and      adjustable  windguard  , all   contribute       to      the      Super    Sweep™   pick-up action .   The     innovative    pick-up    flotation       system  helps  minimise   soil  contamination  even  on   the  roughest fields.  

  New   Holland   backhoes,  loaders  are  built  to  handle the toughest working    conditions .  The    lineup   includes   five  conventional backhoes  and  the  LB115   four-wheel    steer machine. With three steering modes, four large tires and  full-time    four-wheel   drive  ,   the   LB115   offers  outstanding maneuverability, traction and pushing power.

New Holland telehandlers are designed and built to excel in a wide range of  job conditions. From machines engineered to  handle  the   rigors  of  the   agricultural  market to hi-lift models  built   with   the    most    demanding   construction applications  in  mind,   there's   a New Holland telehandler ready    to    meet    your     needs  .     All   New  Holland   telehandlers    feature    powerful   engines,   reliable   drive trains  and  rugged  boom assemblies