Al Muhairy Automotive Company  is a  member of  Al Muhairy Group, one of the highly successful  groups  in  the  United  Arab Emirates.  Since  it's  inception  three decades ago Al Muhairy Group of Companies has participated in the development and  prosperity of the UAE in general; the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in specific.

Al Muhairy Automotive Company  was  established with  the  purpose of trading in equipment and spare parts that are required  for  the  construction,  agriculture  and automobile industries.

With the  knowledge  that  after-sales  service  and  availabililty  of spare parts form the corner stone of any business strategy, Al Muhairy Automotive constructed service and parts facilities, in addition to recruiting well-experienced service teams to  ensure costumer satisfaction and to minimize down-time.

We believe that the aforesaid experience, combined  with  our sales force that consits of highly qualified  engineers  with  long  experience  in  the U.A.E. market, and the technical support of reputed  international manufacturers, our partners, will form a strong team capable of achieving the Ultimate objective of Customer Satisfaction.