Extremely  versatile  though  modular  design,  self propelled vibration  rollers  with  high  compaction  and  tractive  force, rugged  maintenance,  free center hitch and a large variety of equipments to suit individual site conditions.


Vibromax  ruber   tyred   rollers   has laterally offset pairs of wheels  with   tyre   overlap   on   both   tyres.  Three  point suspension     of    frame     and    statically    defined    load distribution. Oscillating  front  wheel  pairs and  optimal  soft acceleration by clark powershift transmission.  

  Vibromax vibratory tandem rollers have many features such as vibratory   drive   on  both  drums ,  frequency  and  amplitude adjustment, high gradeability and great stability.

Vibromax  double  drum  vibratory  rollers  are   based  on hydrostatic double  drum drive  and infinitely variable travel speed to ensure smooth start, braking  and reversing.  

  Vibromax reversible plate compactors offer high productivity, proven and  reliable technology, easy  and safe operation and high surface and depth performance.