All    purpose   baler     to   work   in   silage ,   hay  and  straw espically designed for   farmers  who want  to control their own oeration .  The baler   offers  more  hectares per day and lower operation  costs. Some of it's features are sturdy design, unique construction of  the  rollers, power lock, serrated rollers, and a full choice of tying options.All vicon machines are protected by a Duracoat powder  paint coating to ensure longer life for your machine in the most corrosive operations.

Vicon  offers the user a choice  of twelve models designed  for use on tractors,  to  deliver  higher  raking performance with  the  option  of  pivoting  and  fixed three point linkage mounting and also a  railed version.There is a model to suit all needs.


  All   tedders   are  extremely    solid    design    for    long  term operational   reliability   and   optimised  tine  movement. Vicon offers more than seven  choics to ensure a successful harvest at the highest quality.  If  the  tedder is well suited  to the  mower, the forage is quickly and unifromly converted to the desired dry matter content.

Sturdy  A-frame  for  extra  strength,  wedge-shaped cutter  bar  gives    less    ground   resistance,   three   blades  per  disc   for constant  cutting,   contra-rotating   cutting   discs for a perfect cut, long life blades,top service hubs for simple maintenance, fully protected cutter bar bottom, fast lifting at headlands.